Antequera Golf

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Federated in 2003, this young course, located in the heart of Andalusia, next to the Torcal Natural Park, about 650 meters. high above sea level, it is a splendid place to play golf at any level. Pleasant, fun and challenging course at the same time. It is located 30 min. from Malaga and 45 min. From the airport. The field has more than 6,000 mt. of travel, it is ideal for all levels.

Basic information about Antequera Golf

Address and location:

Caminode Gandía s / n
29200 Antequera (Malaga) Spain


Tel .: 951 701 900/901
Mobile: +34 667 655 912
Fax: 952 84 52 32
Reservations: 902 541 540
Email: [email protected]

How to get:

A2 km from Antequera, direction Antequera golf Hotel. On the road to Gandía.
How to get there from Malaga

Nearest airport:

Nearest hotels:

Services and facilities:

Pitching and putting green, driving range with illuminated driving range, hotel, restaurants, clubhouse, golf cars, private and group lessons, pro shop, SPA, swimming pool, soccer field.

Field type: Mixed

Number of holes: 18, par72

Season: Open all year long

Video: Actividades Grupo Antequera Golf


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