Possible negative effects of WiFi networks on health

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Wifi networks are comfortable and are increasingly widespread. However, according to an article published today in The Guardian, a group of scientists warns that they could be harmful to health.

William Stewart, director of the British Health Protection Agency, is concerned that wireless Internet access may pose a threat to health, especially that of children, and has specifically requested a study on the possible dangers of Wifi networks.

Like him, other researchers believe that electromagnetic radiation emitted by telephones, cell towers and WiFi towers contributes to an "electrical fog" that could pose a future health risk.

The researchers point out that the radiation from this electromagnetic fog is 1 billion higher than that of the natural fields in which living cells have developed over the last 3.8 billion years. According to them, children could be more vulnerable, since their skull is thinner and their nervous system is still developing, not to say that they will be exposed to more radiation throughout their lives.

The Austrian Medical Association (AMA) is just one of the groups that wants to keep Wi-Fi networks out of the classroom. The World Health Organization notes that 3 out of 100 people are "electrosensitive."

In Great Britain, a lawmaker from Norwich, a city with a wireless network, has called for an official investigation into the risks of Wi-Fi and the country's Professional Association of Teachers is pressing the Minister of Education to carry it out.

Source: The Guardian

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