25% of Web pages are already made with WordPress

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Good news for WordPress! According to the latest data from W3Techs, which measures both usage and market share, one in four web pages is based on this content management system (CMS) free and open source. However, the general trend of WordPress is slow but steady growth, so it should comfortably exceed 25% by the end of the year.

AND still has a lot of room for growthGiven that, of the remaining 75% of pages, 57.4% do not use any identifiable CSM.

Market share statistics

In terms of market share, WordPress, with a 58.7% share, far exceeds the other participants, followed by Joomla with just 6.6% and Drupal with 5%. However, over the last year, the dominant CMS has not only failed to increase its share, but has lost 3 points compared to the previous year.

CMS market shares / Source: W3Techs

In any case, it should be noted that WordPress is not the only CMS that has lost ground. Joomla has fallen 1 point compared to the previous year and 3 points from the 9.5% share it had in October 2013. For its part, Drupal has been in decline since January 2013, when it reached a market share of 7, 2%, although it recently seems to have slowed down and remains at around 5%. Actually, only Magento, Prestashop and Bitrix gain market share, but the increase is minimal, moving in very small figures: 2.9%, 1.3% and 1.2%, respectively.

Source: W3Techs

Among the most popular sites that use WordPress are, in addition to the CMS 'own pages, wordpress.com and wordpress.org, those of magazines such as Time, Techcrunch, Xda-developers or Wired.

The predominant position of WordPress also has its disadvantages, since as in other areas of computing, the one with the most market share is also the most attacked. Hence, this CMS has had to deal with numerous security issues over the past few years.

To avoid such attacks, it is advisable to always update to the latest versionn, either from WordPress or any other CMS that we use.

Selection of the study sample

Of course, it should be noted that obviously W3Techs does not scan all individual pages on the web one by one, but rather scans entire web sites, that is to say, it is enough that some of the pages of the site uses the technology in question; And not all websites, but only the top 10 million in a three-month average Alexa ranking. Also, does not count the different subdomains of a domain, that is, all WordPress subdomains, for example, count as a single website; and nor the redirected domainsie, since Sun.com redirects to Oracle.com, both domains count as one for W3Techs.

These differences from Alexa's count ultimately result in W3Techs examining just under 10 million websites. In any case, according to the company, the result can be extrapolated to the entire Web, in the same way that to carry out a population survey only a sample is chosen instead of asking the entire population.

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