A dead king, king put: recent forays into the monarchies

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It is the week of the abdication. And we are not going to fool ourselves, if it were a boxing match, the English would win by technical KO.

To the left of the ring, Enrique VI and Isabel II. On the right, Grace of Monaco.

The King’s Speech (2010), played by Colin Firth.

The Queen (2006), played by Hellen Mirren.

Grace of Monaco (2014), played by Nicole Kidman.

Round 1: On one side of the ring, two Oscars for Best Leading Performance for Firth and Mirren. In the other, a fierce criticism of his lack of expressiveness after the botox sessions.

Round 2: On the one hand, outstanding criticisms of the performances (both main and secondary, with brilliant and convincing Geoffrey Rush, Michael Sheen, Helena Bonham Carter or James Cromwell), the staging, the plots, the the settings and the conductors (Tom Hooper -Oscar for best direction- and Stephen Fears -Nominated-). On the other side, Grace has been greeted at the last Cannes Film Festival (her world premiere) with boos and devastating criticism from the press.

Round 3: Seeing what was seen, the match referee decides to call someone from the public to come out in defense of the Monegasques, but the only ones who appear are the Spanish with their tv movies. Among the audience, phrases such as: "The remedy is worse than the disease".

Sofia, from Antena 3 Televisión.

Felipe and Letiziaby Telecinco.

Round 4: Grace can't take it anymore and falls to the mat. End of combat.

And it is that kings, queens, crowns, bedrooms, hide many secrets and cinematographic stories. But you have to know how to count them. And if not, let them tell Game of Thrones.

Ah, see you in theaters.

Video: History Of Rome - 01 The Seven Kings 753 - 509 BC


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