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Some natural products that you can use to clean the house

Natural wood polish

Grated beeswax, lanolin, sweet almond oil, and lavender essential oil; heat everything together and then allow to cool. However, the result is very satisfactory and leaves a very pleasant natural smell.

Natural fragrances for clothes

Tuck between the clothes, while drying, muslin bags filled with dried lavender, rose and geranium petals, soaked in lavender essential oil; the delicious scent of lavender does not last long.

To scrub the bathroom

Oatmeal, in a muslin square lightly soaked in warm water and lemon juice; nice to use and good for day-to-day cleaning, but not aggressive enough to clean weeks-old dirt.

Cleaner for kitchen surfaces

Pasta made from salt, lemon juice, and baking soda: it bubbles satisfactorily when the baking soda is added. Wine and tea stains disappear as if by magic after good scrubbing. It must be rinsed with water afterwards to remove matte residue. Leaves a pleasant natural lemon scent. It's easy to do, it only costs a few cents, and the results are perfect.

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