Aramís Bellini Restaurant

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The Aramís Bellini Restaurant is centrally located in the capital. Its decorative style is elegant and very attractive.

A cuisine that is influenced by a European environment from which excellent pastas, homemade risottos and even homemade dishes are selected. Also excellent Beef Carpaccios with Parmesan fondue, and exquisite lamb "sirloins" on artichokes and asparagus with garlic sauce. The room has the care and dedication of Gabriela Sievi. Well stocked cellar.

Google Maps address and phone
SantFeliu, 7. (07012 Palma de Mallorca). Tel: 971 725 232
Chef: Juan Carlos Pérez

Menu / Recommended dishes

Tuna carpaccio with oyster sauce. Painted breast on lentils with vegetables. Crêpe filled with orange cream, au gratin with Cointreau cream. Menu. Tasting menu.

Other data of interest: Closed Saturday noon, Sunday and August. <
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