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27/08: Altair Announces Expansion
Due to the rapid growth of consumer demand, Altair Nanotechnologies, SA, a leading supplier of ceramic nanomaterials and a technology of safe, high-power and fast-charging titanate battery systems, has announced that it will expand its facilities with new offices and another lab at the Flagship Enterprise Center.

Altairnano saw the need to expand because the agreements reached with Phoenix Motorcars and other companies required the delivery of battery packs for electric vehicles.

The new laboratory and offices will house Altair's prototyping space, leaving enough space for them to mount the cells in the battery packs at the Flagship facility.

Altair Nanotechnologies has been part of the Flagship Enterprise Center since October 2005. The need for space at the Flagship originally arose from the need to use Nanotechnology-based materials, produced in Reno and Nevada, to build lithium battery cells. With these batteries, Altairnano can build battery systems that allow them to show potential customers the performance of their materials.

Source: insideindianabusiness.com

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