How do you know how many points you have left?

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  • When you commit any infraction, you will be informed of the points that discount you (it is included in all the sanction notifications for traffic infractions).
  • On the Internet you can check with the DNI number and the date the driving license was granted.
Frequently asked questions about driving license points
How will the points license affect drivers?
How can I lose my points and how many in one day?
Does silence get points is released from the fine?
If you run out of points, how do you earn points?
How do I get my points back?
What are the easiest offenses to commit?
How will the courses be? Its contents
Questions to recover the card
Where are the courses held?
Step by step after a violation
How many points do you have left?
How to get rid of all your doubts?

How to get rid of all the doubts?

Versu file:

You will be able to see the administrative file with all the information concerning the reasons for the loss of points, such as the recovery of points through the different courses or for not infringing. To view this information you need to have an electronic driver's license or a password that you must request from the Provincial Traffic Headquarters.

Portal Permission for Points:

An exclusive web page has been created for the driving license by points belonging to the Ministry of the Interior

Information by Mail or by MSM: On the web you will find the so-called learning program that consists of receiving periodically updated information about the point permit. It can be by email or by MSM through mobile.

Case simulator: Where you can interact starting with the points that would correspond. By means of assumptions of situations you will be able to experiment everything in the web page of the permit by points.

Questions phone: Telephone for inquiries from the General Directorate of traffic: 902 200 677 where you can clarify all the doubts regarding the point permit.

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